I finished university back in 2004 and decided to travel Europe for 6 months before I had to settle down and get a real job. I had managed to find bar work in Benidorm Spain through the Internet that would take me up until September then I would hopefully have managed to save enough money for another 3 months worth of travelling. When in Benidorm I was unable to really save any money because the pay was not particularly good and I was working and living with a bunch of people who had just finished working so my life turned into work from 6pm – 2am then drink till 6am then sleep on the beach till I got hungry then I would get some food have a shower and a nap back in the flat and start work again. Near the end of my time in Benadorm I met an Expat who had bought a small holding a few years earlier and wanted some help harvesting oranges so I spent September with him accommodation and food was included and he gave me a bit of beer money for my time. Whilst there I did an online teach English as a foreign language course that took me about a month and was able to find work with the local council. Using my TEFL I have not stopped travelling and have lived in over 4 countries since 2004 I think the moral of this story is try it because you don't know where life will take you.

There are some useful links on the following website www.howtotravelaroundtheworld.org