Before I moved to Spain I tried many ways to help improve my Spanish before moving to Barcelona I even purchased learn Spanish while you sleep CDs that you are meant to have playing all night, but what I found worked the best not including private tutors were the following computer programs. First is Rosetta Stone this software helps you to learn the way you would as a child by taking vocabulary and then building on it. For example it starts with a picture of a man and says hombre then shows a cup of tea and says taz de tea and after in a later picture when you see a man drinking a cup of tea you realise that the word that is left out is drink. The other program that I found very helpful was it follows a very straight forward but effective method first it shows you pictures of objects and gives you the word in the language you are trying to learn. Then it asks your opinion on a certain topic and you have to write a sentence using the vocabulary you have just learned. What makes this website interesting is that your sentence gets marked by a native speaker and you have to correct a sentence that some body has submitted who is trying to learn English. It means that you are never just correct or incorrect because there are many ways of saying the same thing.