Story I uprooted the family in late 2008 and moved them to South Australia after accepting a job. My new employer paid for our move and supported us in the first few months until we found a house to rent. The move wasn't without stress as one of our children hated us for most of the first 6 months here as we'd taken her away from her friends and ruined her life. She now loves it her, especially all the opportunities that are out there for her when she finishes school and university. The big advantage to settling in Australia is how similar it is to the UK (same language, driving on the left, queen on the coins)but the differences can catch you out, especially with the language for instances Flip-flops are thongs here. We've tried not to compare how things are done in Australia compared to the UK as it's a pointless exercise. Also we didn't move here just to do the same things as we did in the UK. We're so glad we've made the move and are looking forward to exploring and enjoying this wonderful country.