My expat story starts in Manchester in 2002. I got an Erasmus scholarship, I studied so hard to be one of the first to choose my own destiny and I succeed. I chose Manchester. What an error… I was so occupied with studying that I didn’t care to get information about where I was going. I arrived in February and it took me more than a month to see a sunbeam, it was raining almost every day and was always cloudy. I didn’t have too much money so I looked for cheap accommodation, obviously it was a bad neighborhood and my housemates were not good at all. A crazy couple who preferred to rent a room instead working but didn’t like company at home, a strange combination. At the university, I asked for a research group to work after the classes and to meet people but they were too serious and we didn’t catch up. I came back home in the summer without a penny in my pocket, without a job, without any friend neither a mate… but I had a girlfriend who was waiting for me, I brought a nice bike with me and a bag full of experience. After all, I learnt some important lessons: 1.- Always look for first hand ADVICE. 2.- Don’t take your studies/work/life so hard, ENJOY!. 3.- If something annoys you, react quick and gently, don’t let things go wrong, make a CHANGE!