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Work your way around the world

Posted by Pete UK - The World on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, In : Several Countries 
I finished university back in 2004 and decided to travel Europe for 6 months before I had to settle down and get a real job. I had managed to find bar work in Benidorm Spain through the Internet that would take me up until September then I would hopefully have managed to save enough money for another 3 months worth of travelling. When in Benidorm I was unable to really save any money because the pay was not particularly good and I was working and living with a bunch of people who had just fin...
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Cheap counties to live in for TEFL teachers

Posted by Kevin UK - World on Friday, December 2, 2011, In : Several Countries 

I have moved three times in the last six years teaching English as a foreign language and mainly around South East Asia. Now I am getting bored and looking for my next move. Does anybody know a country with plenty TEFL jobs available with wages that will provide a good standard of living?

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What a wonderful world (or some of it)

Posted by Wendy UK - The World on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, In : Several Countries 
I moved to Malaga,Spain in 2001 for 3 years, what a great country. Then on to Shanghai, China for 4 years, what an eye opener that was. Then on to Doha,Qatar for 1 year, what a disaster that was. After one disastrous move career wise I thought it woudn't happen again.....wrong. From Qatar to Germany for 2 years. What a lot of negative people there. Well back to Spain again, near BCN and here to stay. I could write reams about my experiences in the different countries but it would fill a book....
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