I left home at 20 years old and migrated to Australia on the 10 pound scheme. I arrived in Adelaide in April 1970 and have never regretted my move. At this time work was plentiful and I moved from job to job easily. I was a store-man, a painter, a driver and a records clerk before I ended up in the Australian Taxation Office where I stayed for 7 years. During this time I enjoyed the beach life, holidaying in South Australia and especially the lay back party lifestyle. I also met my wife Jacky during this time and we are now fast approaching our 40th anniversary which we will celebrate with our 3 kids and 4 grand children. Needing more money to look after my family I joined the Prison Service in 1977 and after 17 years moved into the private prison sector for another 11 years before retiring. Since retiring we have got the travel bug and have spent several months in Europe, New Zealand and have recently completed a 3 month cruise around the world. We will be cruising again in March 2012 when we circumnavigate Australia and in 2013 when we cruise the Pacific Rim. Australia is a great country where the rewards are terrific if you are prepared to work and put in the effort.