I have lived in Spain now for 6 months and I love the way of live, but I have found some things very frustrating and that is mainly the banks. The banks only seem to be open between 8.30am and 2pm Monday to Friday this is annoying because this is the period when I am at work. Then I was waiting 4 weeks for my card to arrive eventually I had to go into the bank and chase them twice before it came. Once it came I had to phone up and get it activated this I can understand for security purposes but the other day I tried to book flights online for my first trip back to the UK but it would not work because you need to active the card again in order for it to used internationally. My advice is once the card arrives make sure that they activate everything on the spot because there is nothing worse that having your card declined at the last moment. One good thing about the Spanish banks is when you phone up the help centre you say “hablas ingles” and they put you through to an English speaking operator that I suppose would not happen in the UK if the roles were reversed.