When I moved to Barcelona in 2010 the first thing that I needed to get to grips with the language. Catalonia is hard any way because the first language of the area is Catalan so I needed to make sure that I could work out the difference and not learn any bad habits when trying to learn Spanish. I enrolled on a 2 week intensive course that was 4 hours per day 5 days per week plus about 2 hours worth of home work that needed to be completed every evening. This gave me a fantastic boost and gave me the foundations to build up my volcablury and verbs on my own. The advice I would give it make sure you have some knoledge of the language before you enrol on the course otherwise you may sit there looking blank for two week and not learn a thing because all lesson are taught in the Spanish by teachers who do not speak English and if you dont know know enough to ask for help you will struggle.